Constitution of Transport 2000 Cambs & W Suffolk

  1. Status. The Group shall be known as Transport 2000 Cambs & W Suffolk, being a regional group of Transport 2000 Limited. The Group is an unincorporated association accepted as a member of, and subject to the terms of the constitution of, Transport 2000 Limited. It is not authorised to present itself as representing Transport 2000 Limited.
  2. Aims. To work for policies which give priority to public transport, walking and cycling, and which reduce reliance on cars, lorries and aircraft.
  3. Membership. Membership is open to any person or organisation accepting the above aims. Membership is at the discretion of the Executive Committee, which may expel any member who goes against agreed Group policy or who brings the Group into disrepute. The Executive Committee may agree a membership fee for individuals and organisations. The Executive Committee may grant honorary membership or, with organisations with similar aims, mutual affiliation without exchange of money. Organisations shall nominate a representative to vote and receive correspondence.
  4. Executive Committee. The Group shall appoint on an annual basis a Coordinator who is responsible for convening meetings and a Treasurer who is responsible for the proper management of the Group's finances. Other members, including a Chair and a Minutes Secretary, may be appointed to carry out such tasks as the Group decides are necessary. Two signatories are required for all financial transactions over GBP 100. All voting shall be by simple majority (except as provided for in paragraph 5), the Coordinator not voting initially but holding a casting vote.
  5. Meetings.

    Attendance and business transacted at meetings shall be recorded in minutes. The Coordinator or Chair of the meeting may not vote initially but may subsequently exercise a casting vote. Motions shall be carried by a majority of votes cast, except on a motion to amend the constitution or wind up the Group, which must obtain a two thirds majority of votes cast.

    Once a year an Annual General Meeting shall be held in the autumn for the purposes of:

    1. Election of the Executive Committee.
    2. Presentation of a report of work which has been carried out over the year.
    3. Presentation of a financial statement for the year.
    4. Any other business on the Agenda.

    An Extraordinary General Meeting on a particular agenda may be called by the Coordinator and shall be called on the written request of at least 7 members. Notice given of the AGM or EGM together with the agenda shall be given at least 21 days prior to the Meeting and any motions for consideration shall be submitted to a member of the Executive Committee at least 14 days prior to the Meeting. The quorum of an AGM or EGM shall be 3 members and all members may attend. Any amendments to the constitution shall not come into effect without written consent from the Executive Committee of Transport 2000 Limited.

  6. Area. The Group shall cover the county of Cambridgshire, including Peterborough. It is also entitled to deal with matters in the Newmarket and Haverhill areas that concern their links with Cambridgeshire.
  7. Winding up. In the event of the Group being wound up, the balance of funds shall be transferred to Transport 2000 Limited.

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